Coaches Combine

The reach of the Hoops Capital Academy continues to grow, with our exciting Coaches Combine initiative.

Uniting Coaches across NSW

The free program is designed to unite all levels of coaches in NSW, to provide them with a series of unique experiences, opportunities and insights into the world of professional basketball.

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Invitation to the inner sanctum of the Hoops Capital club

Coaches will be provided with access to a variety of assets that will be relevant at all levels of coaching, from player and personality management, to game day preparation and coaching the one percenters.


In person with the pros

The program features face-to-face sessions with the Sydney Kings and Sydney Flames, as well as online lectures, game day experiences and access to a monthly newsletter.

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The Coaches Combine will be launched with a game-day experience on Sunday, January 15 at the Kings vs Hawks match – which will also feature the Flames and Townsville Fire fixture beforehand.

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