All children who engage in Hoops Capital programs will have a safe, inclusive and memorable experience. We will ensure our players and staff support and respect all children and their families and will enable an environment where this is possible through robust safeguarding policies and procedures.

Hoops Capital demonstrates commitment to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people by:

  • taking into consideration the views of children and young people about decisions that affect their safety and wellbeing;
  • empowering children and young people by taking their views seriously, and addressing any concerns they may have;
  • acknowledging the cultural diversity of families, and being sensitive to how this may impact on child safety;
  • taking proactive steps to prevent child abuse, and identifying risks early so that such risks may be removed or reduced;
  • involving families, carers and relevant communities in decision making processes that support the development of a child safe culture;
  • continuously reviewing and improving our systems and practices to protect children and young people from abuse;
  • ensuring that Hoops Capital has in place strategies to embed and enhance a culture of child safety and wellbeing through the leadership, governance and culture of the organisation;
  • applying robust human resources and recruitment practices for all staff, contractors and volunteers;
  • providing regular training and education on recognising the nature and indicators of child abuse and other harm, responding to safeguarding risks and how to build culturally safe environments for children and young people;
  • implementing specific policies, procedures, training and a National Code of Conduct and a set of Child Safeguarding Standards to support the achievement of a child safe culture;
  • listening to concerns about the safety of children, and suggestions to improve the child safety processes in place;