From Brazil to Hoops Capital Academy, the amazing journey of Tattva Sharma.

One of Brazil’s most talented juniors Tattva Sharma has had the experience of a lifetime over the past few weeks, as part of the Hoops Capital Academy.

The 13-year-old from São Paulo has been training with the club, which encompasses the Sydney Kings and Sydney Flames, six sessions per week, in a way to improve his skills.

“Hoops Capital Academy has given me the experience of playing with professional players from the Sydney Kings and meet players from the NBA,” said Sharma, whose favourite NBA player is Giannis Antetokounmpo.

“[Prior to arriving in Australia] I had heard about the league the Kings play in, so Hoops Capital Academy has allowed me to learn more about the league and how competitive it is.

“It also has very good group and individual training sessions, which helped my performance in basketball.”


Sharma went on to say this experience has helped him establish goals for himself on the court.

“My goals in basketball are to improve my shooting as well as my right hand,” said Sharma, who has loved his time in the ‘vibrant’ city of Sydney.

“I would also like to have better intelligence and vision of the game.”

If you’d like to follow in Sharma’s footsteps, please visit the Hoops Capital Academy website now via here.

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